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Meet us at Industriuka

We look forward to participating at Industriuka - a conference where we can inspire and collaborate to find solutions that can transform the industry in a greener direction, in line with our vision of sustainable development.

Industriuka 2024 - An Opportunity for Growth and Innovation

Meet us at stand X212!

We participate at Industriuka because:

Strategic networking opportunities

We can meet important customers, decision-makers, potential future workers and other policymakers. By attending the fair, conferences, seminars and workshops, we can build valuable relationships and significantly expand our network.

Visibility and Profiling

As one of Norway's largest arenas for discussions about technology and industry, Industriuka gives us a platform to showcase our products, services and innovations. We can strengthen our brand and positioning.

Knowledge and Innovation

Through participation in seminars and workshops, we will gain insight into the latest trends and technologies that affect our industry. This gives us valuable knowledge that can be used to drive innovation and improve our processes and products.

Impact and Sustainability

Industriuka is a forum where we can contribute to discussions about how the industry can become greener and more sustainable. Our participation can help shape future policy decisions and industry initiatives, ensuring that we are at the forefront of changes and demands in sustainability.

Participation at Industriuka is not only an investment in our current business, but also in the future. By being present at this important meeting place, we can inspire, learn, network and influence – all to strengthen our position in an ever-changing industrial landscape.

Read about the conference here:

Hope to see you!

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