Bartosz Jerys


Passed professional test in Scaffolding

Here you can read about Bartosz Jerys, who recently passed the professional test in the Scaffolding profession! Congratulations!

Professional test

We have had a lot of pressure from employees who have completed professional tests in the last two years - This is very positive, because it contributes to our still having the industry's highest proportion of professional certificates.


As a company, we encourage and facilitate our employees to take professional certificates. Vocational certificates document versatile practice and real-life skills that are important for the employees and for the company in order to secure new contracts.

The strategic competence development is an important element in StS-ISONOR's objective to strengthen its position as an ISS company and contribute to lifting the industry.

It is therefore an important area of focus to facilitate and motivate the completion of professional tests for our own employees.

Portrait of Bartosz Jerys

Below you can read about Bartosz Jerys, who recently passed the professional test in the Scaffolding profession! Congratulations!

First, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, my name is Bartosz Jerys , but most of my colleges knows me as a Bartek “the green helmet”.

I am 36 years old, been working in StS-ISONOR as scaffolder since April 2019. I am safety delegate since March 2021 and BAS since August 2021 on Johan Castberg project.

Mostly I am keeping safety for my co-workers on turret area, but I am always where people need me.

I have finished high school in Poland. All the time I am trying to get new experience at my work. I am learning all the time. Despite working as a scaffolder, I have many other courses and competences. I was three years in Norway so I could learn Norwegian language. I finished B2 level.

What do you do?

Scaffolder, safety delegate, Bas

What are the most important tasks, what is exciting about your job?

Most important tasks in my work are to do our job safety. To solve the problems, we have every day in ship hard. And help my colleagues. I think that most exciting thing in my work is that every day is different.

There are no similar days, every day we need to find new solutions. I don’t see a problem at my work, I see new solutions.

Why have you chosen the Scaffolding subject?

I chose to work on scaffolding because every day I can create something new, I can use my imagination and visualize the construction in my head.

Why did you take the subject test?

I did the fag brevet because it was an opportunity to show my competences in the building of scaffolding and to confirm my knowledge of the Norwegian language.

Can you tell us a little about the subject test? What did you do? Was it difficult?

The exam lasted five days. First day making calculations for scaffolding to be built. It’s most important thing before the start of building. Next three days I was building exactly what is in my exam. It was two sensors, one from place where the exam took place and second one is from the municipality. Last day at morning both sensors checked the calculations and what have I had performed.

Was it difficult no, not for me. There was a little bit of stress first day but if know what to do , you just do it.

Would you like to encourage others to take a diploma?

Off course ! It is important to know how to build scaffolding but remember that the Norwegian language on exam is obligatory.

What project are you on now and how it is progressing?

I am now on Johan Castberg project. Approximately project would be finished in May this year, the part on shore. The ship will go for test offshore. Challenges? Like every day. achieve your goals without any accidents and always return home safely.

What are your dreams?

Develop professionally in my work and travel the world in my free time.( At the moment answering these questions I am in Thailand on vacation 😉)