Bilde av Marcus på stillas


Meet Marcus, apprentice in Scaffolding!

Meet Marcus Andrè Herfindal Jacobsen! He is 24 years and work as apprentice in the Scaffolding subject her in StS-ISONOR.

We visited Marcus Andrè Herfindal on an ongoing project at the Coastal Culture Center in Sandviken.

Marcus has previously worked as a carpenter. He plans to take a certificate in scaffolding!

The tasks he has now as an apprentice are assembly, dismantling and roof over roof.

"The time here at StS has been educational, eventful and very enjoyable.

I have chosen the scaffolding subject because it is exciting, challenging, and I can turn my skills.

Have chosen StS because they have lots of good people, a good environment, and the opportunity to build a longer career."

"The plan now is to get a trade certificate, and secure my future. Do you envision an exciting and challenging everyday life? - Apply StS!

StS-ISONOR is an approved apprenticeship company in scaffolding, insulation and industrial painting

Read more about being an apprentice with us here:

Our subject manager in the scaffolding construction profession, Terje Snarberg, is responsible for following up our apprentices. He believes it is important to recruit new, young and talented people who can take over the baton. Read more about the case here:

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